Week 1

Client-Server, hospital decease HTML, this web FTP

You’ll need a text editor and an FTP program for this class. Use any applications you like, artificial but if you don’t have them yet, please download:

Text Editor
TextWrangler (Mac)
TextPad (Windows)


You must have a web hosting account for this class. You can get one relatively inexpensively at DreamhostBluehostWebFaction, and many other places. (Steer clear of GoDaddy and 1and1 if you can, IMHO.)

How to set up your FTP account in Dreamhost.
How to use Cyberduck FTP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it4NyAH6ml8
Note: Don’t enter “www” as the path, as this tutorial does. The path depends on your particular server. Just leave it blank.
See also, Cyberduck documentation


Set-up Tasks

  • Download Cyberduck
  • Download TextWrangler (or a text editor of your choice)
  • Obtain the FTP credentials for you hosting account from your web hosting company
  • Connect to your web host with Cyberduck, and upload file/s.
  • Request a Lynda.com account through the NYU library. http://nyu.libguides.com/digitalstudio/appointments (It’s in the “Make an Appointment” form, but you don’t actually make an appointment.) It may take a day or two to get approved.
  • Email me (robynover@gmail.com) your blog URL and preferred email address.
  • Sign up for the Google Group for this class.


Tech preparation for next week


  • Respond to the readings (one, some, or all) on your blog.
  • Make a work of hypertext art, fiction, or poetry, put it online and document it (with link) on your blog.
    Some Net.art history and inspiration at Rhizome. More examples of web-based art at Dia

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