ITP Camp: HTML, CSS, and Javascript Kickstart

Where are you at?

Tools you’ll need

Text Editor
(Use any one you like, cystitis visit web but here are a couple)
TextWrangler (Mac)
TextPad (Windows)

Many FTP applications to choose from. One option is:

Web Hosting
You can get one relatively inexpensively at Dreamhost, generic treatment  Bluehost, doctor  WebFaction, and many other places. (Steer clear of GoDaddy and 1and1 if you can, IMHO.)

Browser Developer Tools
Different browsers have slightly different developer tools, but most have them built-in. I’ll be demo-ing in Chrome.
Chrome Developer Tools
Safari Developer Tools
Firefox Developer Tools (also, Firebug)

Code Examples:

Intro to HMTL

Intro to CSS

CSS Layout

Slides: CSS and CSS3

Event Listeners in Javascript and jQuery

[jsfiddle] Javascript Keyboard Listener:

[jsfiddle] DOM Manipulation and Javascript objects:  (uses jQuery)

Creating a slideshow in HTML5 and javascript: 

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